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Thanks for letting me join you on your visit to the market. I'd have chosen the same bouquet of Peonies...lovely.

Chris Oliveira

Can't wait for "my" market in Franklin, MA to start up! It is minuscule compared to yours, but I love it still.


One of the markets I often go to (in Baltimore) is so big, I try to walk round first but the 'good stuff' may be gone before I'm back round. Things like your peonies. I bought a white peony plant that way this week. First one I saw, had a full blossom & bud, and it was MINE!


I live in Lawrence but have been gone since January. I will be home next weekend and can't wait to get back to the market! Thanks for keeping me updated about our town,

Leslie J. Moran

I love the baskets those women take to the market to safely take home their finds. Nice visit.

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