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You are so lucky to see a bluebird! It is the state bird of Missouri and I have never seen one here!!

Leslie J. Moran

Magnificent! I've never seen a for-real blue bird. Nice capture!


We are lucky enough to have two species of bluebird out here in the high desert. The Mountain Bluebird (state bird of NV) and the Western Bluebird. The mountain bluebird is the most stunning shade of blue that has to be seen in person to fully appreciate the electric blue this bird is dressed in. Love them both.

Good plan for retirement: something you retire to. Think of all the fun things you can do:, sew, paint, draw, bake, shop at the farmers market, fill in the bucket list without constraints of work and commute time! Freedom! It's wonderful. You'll wonder how you ever had time to work.


Oh, my! Those are great photographs. Frame worthy.
About retirement: I can't recommend it highly enough. I just turned 60, retired 4 months; 16 days ago. It's wonderful to be available to whatever comes up. Money is one thing, but to be able to make my own pineapple vinegar in leisure? Well, that's another.

Peggy Fry

I don't think we get those here in Oklahoma....

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