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OMG! I'm a goat lover from way back, since my gran bought me a nanny goat named Mootsie. She followed me around like a dog. I have some darling pictures of me & Mootsie wandering around the farm. I also know goat speak, you can ask my birding friend, Rita, who'll tell you all about me calling all the goats from the top of a ridge in Mexico. The village people thought I was some kind of witch or shaman. It was hilarious.

The baby kid goat near the end, the one with the little brown boots....I'd take that one in a heartbeat. And that's the truth.

Janet Ghio

That is some flock of goats--I love the way goats jump around backwards and sideways. What a fun afternoon you must hae had.

Leslie J. Moran

Just precious

Chris Oliveira



Yep, adorable all right! xox


What a fine way to spend the afternoon!

Judy H.



Lucky, lucky you! Wow! You are such a lucky girl!



You are too sweet. Your love of all life has to offer and how you express and share it gives us all a lot of enjoy in return.

Peggy Fry



I really want that black one with the tweed knit ears.... I want them all!!! I love goats, we have 2 pet goats that come in for breakfast every morning :)

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