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Debbie J

Beautiful! The fushia one, with the yellow center is my favorite!
When I started reading your last paragraph, I thought you said "paint", and I couldn't figure out why you would need to wait until fall to "paint" the flowers. So funny. Planting does make more sense!

jacki long



Beautiful, beautiful! I love peonies and your new header is great.

Chris Oliveira

Oh wow! A special peony nursery?? I wish you hadn't told me that. 😉


If there's a more luscious flower, I don't know what it is. Peonies are more beautiful than roses, IMHO. Simply beautiful.


Breathtaking. Swoon... I had to leave my place in Idaho just as the peonies were starting. I had two dark fuschia ones to take to my Mom for Mother's Day.

Peggy Fry

Problem is that they take YEARS to bloom... I moved the garden 5 years ago, and they just NOW bloomed. Oh but they were lovely!!!! Pale pink ones. If you see ants swarming the buds, leave 'em! They tickle the buds to open or something...

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