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Chris Oliveira

Amazing green and amazing photos!

Judy H.

Love the Flint Hills, love the pix. :)


The flint hills are one of the jewels of Kansas.Your photos are wonderful. But if you have ever driven across Kansas on your way west--it is a loooong uneventful (trying to think of a nice word) drive--lots of feedlots and flat surfaces.


The only places in KS that I've visited have been flat, flat, and more flat. Living in a state with over 300 mountain ranges, flat is something we seldom see.

The pics are fantastic, as much for the clouds as the landscape.


Thanks for extolling the beauty of Kansas, land that i LOVE!


Living in parched California...the green and clouds are a site for sore eyes!!

Amy Huff

I was born in Eureka, KS and spent every summer there until I was a teenager, it's gorgeous and I miss it. The smell after a big storm is still one of my favorite things in the world. The Pacific Northwest is pretty but I'm a prairie girl.

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