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one of my favorite things to do with my grandmother was to sit on the front porch and shell peas with her. I think I ate as many as I shelled, so sweet when raw, can't stand them cooked. She'd sing her hymns while she shelled those peas into a enameled colander in her lap. Sweet peas, sweet memories.

Sharon Walworth

Your "recipe" for roasting veggies is not a staple part of my culinary bag o' tricks............so do continue to share!!!

Vicki in Michigan

Sugar snap peas are excellent (pod and all) eaten raw. I never have any left over to cook with.... :-)

I don't eat the end with the little cap (where the pea pod came off the plant), but the rest? Yum.........


I want to hear about the roasted radishes--I've never thought about roasting them

Caroline Berk

Culinary education week! Yea!!

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