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jacki long

Thank you for this Carrol,
what a wonderful gift Sheryl gave to us.
Thank you for sharing.

Barbara Tarbox

So eloquent, such tender, raw emotion. It's difficult to comment when all you want to do
Is cry and scream.
Sheryl Sandberg's sentiments are so personal yet reading them I known today I will
Love those around me more fiercely.
I reserve the right to come back to this page when I am through being present and respectful to this woman's grief.

Jet Hesselink

Thank you for sharing, Carol.


Grief comes in so many forms. It's really difficult for me to convey to the grieving one how deeply I feel for them. Thanks for sharing this.

Amy at love made my home

Amazingly expressed.

Joyce Resnik

Sheryl Sandberg hit a chord with me with her eloquent writing. I learned a little more about my own grief by reading what she wrote. Glad you chose to discuss it here and suggest people read Sheryl's beautiful words.💔


Thanks for this important post. You might also want to read the poet Elizabeth Alexander's ( she read at Obama's first inaugural) February 9th New Yorker article: 'lottery tickets, grieving for a husband'. It's from her current memoir The Light of The World. She has that poet's gift of piercing to the heart of loss. xox

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