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Barbara Casillas

So beautiful, especially to those of us with ongoing wanderlust. Completely transported.
Equally beautiful and perfect photo to accompany the poem. Thank you for sharing.


You couldn't have posted any poem more dear to my heart than trains. I used to be in bed at night when I would hear the sound of the train whistle and imagine in my little 5 yr. old mind, taking off somewhere on the train. Then I had the adventure of my life when I travelled from St. Louis to San Diego on the train with my Grands. The memory, smell, sounds of that trip are deeply etched in my memory. I so wish trains were the common mode of travel.

Thank you for a poem I'll save to my little book of favorite poems. How I wish I was stepping into the arrival!


Bewitching. I hear a whistle in the distance....

Leslie J. Moran


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