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All that lucious fresh corn reminds me of this recipe I've been wanting to fix.

Grilled Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad with Honey Lime Dressing.


1 pint grape tomatoes
1 ripe avocado
2 ears of fresh sweet corn
2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped
Juice of 1 lime
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp honey
Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste
1 clove garlic, minced
Dash of cayenne pepper


Remove husks from corn and grill over medium heat for 10 minutes. The corn should have some brown spots and be tender and not mushy. Cut the corn off the cob then scrape the cob with the back of your knife to get the juices. Set aside and let cool. Slice the tomatoes in half. Dice the avocado and chop the cilantro.

1. Add all the dressing ingredients in a small bowl and whisk to combine. Set aside.
2. Combine the sliced tomatoes, avocado, cilantro and grilled corn and honey lime dressing and mix gently so everything is evenly coated. Be careful not to mash the avocados. Let the salad sit for 10-15 minutes to let flavors mingle.

Chris Oliveira

I never knew you could freeze corn on the cob!!!


Chris! Stop!!! I cut the corn off the cob before I froze it! I guess I did not make that clear :( if anyone knows how to freeze on the cob, let us know...that might take up all the room in my freezer though. I would need a freezer dedicated to corn on the cob. Carol


Thanks Dottie! I will have to try this.


I was going to ask if you cooked it first, so no? Very cool to know this!


Loretta: NO cooking, no blanching. Just shucked and cleaned and cut off the cob. I lay out the kernels on a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes so the kernels stay a little separate. Then I put them in zip lock bags in whatever serving sizes I want. Very easy and yet makes me feel so domestic in a wholesome midwestern way!

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