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Well done! Love the color of the flowers. Your sketch is right on the money. And what did sister sketch today? Loved her photos on her blog today.

While I was shopping at Whole Foods today (we've gone vegan after reading the book Forks over Knives and watching the DVD I got at the library. There's also a website bearing the same name) I picked up a beautiful succulent that I have no idea what species it is. It looks like a bunch of swollen pine needles, all very close together. There were several more varieties but I restrained myself with just one.

I'm taking Roz Stendhal's class on drawing animals and people in public. I'm excited to get gesture drawing down pat then moving on to contours. It's 30 days, 2 classes a week, homework of at least 30 mins per day. I love learning new stuff.


Excellent drawing--I like the wavy line look--and flowers aren't as easy as some might think!!


I like the flowers just as they are too. Very striking in black & white.

I've really been enjoying my stroll through Sweden with Mary Ann. It's almost like actually being there. Aren't those mousies cute?

Chris Oliveira

Me too!

Linda Watson

Mine have that wavery line also. I suspect it's the same reason as yours, although I've also thought of a film I saw once about fractals and the coast of England. How it looks irregular from a distance, but even when you get to the part that looks straight, it's still irregular. I like "wavery" better than "irregular."

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