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Barbara Casillas

Many years ago when my son was little, Crayola had a contest for new color names. We came up with some that we thought would for sure be winners, and submitted them. They were not selected. But if another contest comes up, I think you'd have a very good chance with bee fuzz yellow.


Thank you for another beautiful start to my day! You never fail to make me smile. As I read this post, a funny memory surfaced. Years ago, we rented a home that had last been decorated in the 70s. The first time my son came into the kitchen, he exclaimed, "My God! That refrigerator is ear wax yellow!" I think the manufacturer had dubbed it "Harvest Gold."

Vicki in Michigan

I always wanted to be the person whose job it was to name all the colors on the paint chips........



You didn't mention butter yellow, but muffin yellow comes close. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, I love to wear it, it makes me happy. All the items you've chosen are great reps for such a cheerful color. They're all gorgeous. If you enter the contest I hope you win.

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