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jacki long

No, but how cool is that!
That almost seems doable for me! ;o)

Sherry peck

No, but that is a fantastic plant! The best cilantro I had in my old garden was from seeds that had fallen from the plant the year before! I had tons of cilantro and never had to plant it, so wondering if the seeds need to be scattered in the ground in the fall, like some other plants? It just reseeded constantly every year....pretty wonderful. Something to study because I never planted it! I think the original plants came from a neighbors plant...?


That is really flourishing where you have it on your counter. I have had luck in the garden starting with a plant, not seeds. I quit growing it b/c it always went to seeds WAY before the tomatoes were ripe. I couldn't seem to have them ready to use at the same time.


I've never heard of this product, but would love to find it in my area or by mail-order. I absolutely love cilantro. My DH hates it with a passion. Having it on hand would work so well for us, I could pick it and use in my food & leave it out of his. I have never tried growing it in the yard as our desert soil is horrible, but I might try it from a starter plant in a container.

Is there a website noted on the label of your jar? Inquiring minds want to know.

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