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Amy at love made my home

They are fantastic with all their twists and turns aren't they! xx


Redbud is my favorite tree of all time!! I LOVE the small bright pink flowers in the spring. We planted one in every house we've lived in. I love going south to visit family in the spring also b/c it grows wild along the roads.... simply beautiful.


My mother had one of these in her yard--they are fabulous!!


Wow! I have never seen or heard of this weird plant/tree. I'll bet it's really special in winter. Almost as eerie as those Strangler Figs I've only seen pix of.

My friend had a weeping almond tree in her yard, right next to the house that was a shower of cascading white blooms in spring. Reminded me of a bridal veil. But the sad thing about nut or fruit trees is that the blooms are so short lived.

Chris Oliveira

We have a weeping redbud and love it. Also still interesting in winter, spectacular when flowering, but a bit Cousin It looking in summer! Can't wait to see the winter pix of your newest acquisition!


What an interesting bush! There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile.....etc, etc, etc. Thats what came to mind.

Leslie J. Moran

Our Hort group all bought one of these one year. In Canada we call it "corkscrew hazel". In winter it's twisty twigs make THE most charming additions to decorating.

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