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jacki long

Wonderful! I love you posts! All of them! ;o)


I was in Brea, KY this past May and we went to a Hee Haw "play"... it was actually like watching one of the shows, done by actors, and it was really fun!!! And.. we used to watch the show at home and I have seen it on TV recently... corny but funny too.

Judy H.

How fun! I wish I had known about this festival. I will have to pay more attention to events in Lawrence!


Oh, how I would have loved to go to that! I swear nothing fun happens within 3 hours of here. So glad you got to go.


How I well I remember Hee Haw & I was born way before 1969. My grandfather played the fiddle, guitar and harmonica, was a regular at the barn dances when they were young married couple. I grew up listening to the old radio shows. We didn't have a TV until 1953, the last ones in our neighborhood to get one because my mother thought it was a passing fad! HA I loved Beverly HillBillies, The Waltons, and Grand Ole Opry...Fun stuff.

I love that the locals just show up and play in Lawrence, so informal and laid back, just folks enjoying the music. What in the world does that one woman have on her head????

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