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Barbara Casillas

The colors and patterns are very wonderful. Endless possibilities await you.

Amy at love made my home

Gorgeous!!!!!!! I can see why you are in love!!!!! They are wonderful fabrics aren't they!!! Have fun sewing. xx


Can't wait to see what you make!

Leslie J. Moran

Ah yes! The "squirreliness" in us has us gathering our 'nuts' at this time of year. Padding our nests with the necessities to get us through the coming fall/winter. At the rate you and I are going, I'm thinking mother nature is telling we are headed for a a doozy of a cold spell. Let's keep stashing!!! :)
LOVE it by the way.


OOH...I love every single color in this assortment. Can't wait to see what you build with these delicious patterns.


I love all these colors and patterns. Can't wait to see your quilt!

Brigitte Heitland

I am just a German gal, mother of three, blessed with a passion for fabrics, color and design. And this new collection is named FOR YOU, because it is created for you, for every single person, who feels some kind of happiness by seeing these or sewing with these fabrics. Your words are such a wonderful THANK YOU, that multiplies the joy I find in every hour of fabric designing. Carol, I don't know who you are, but it was a pleasure to get that glimpse of you by reading your post!

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