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Isn't Fourth & Sea the greatest?!! Hope you had time to poke around a bit in our town!


I love that photo of you and Mary Ann--"Road trip!!!" and the topics of conversation as you drove down the road. Not sure about the apple pie shake...Have fun!


12 hrs of driving deserves fish and chips but that milkshake? in my book those pie flavored ones are a bit...iffy. But road trips need adventure or what's the point? love the sister shot.

Caroline Berk

It is beautiful here today - sunny and very slightly cool. But there is no ocean to see and hear as I drink my morning coffee and no glass beach with jewels of softened glass to play with. You two have extra fun - have some for me!

Leslie J. Moran

I'm in the backseat, so enjoying this ride!


Lovely photos, what a great road trip. I like the sister in the car shot. Carol, did you get the octopus tee shirt finished for the trip?

Leslie Gardiner

What a great get away; I love the picture of the two of you!


No need to tell you two to "have fun".


What a beautiful trip! Thanks for having us along!

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