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jacki long



Well, it wouldn't be the first time I have spit coffee all over the keyboard while reading one of yours or MAs posts! I will heed the other warning tho...


Can't wait to see your sketches of Mary Ann!! She did show one of you over on her blog today or maybe it was posted yesterday. I love seeing your photos--looks like you had a great trip!


Welcome home! Your posts never fail to delight...still laughing!

Barbara Tarbox

Such a feeling of well-being in your posts. Looking out at the world, seeing beauty in the
Smallest seed, far more rewarding and healthy than shutting the door to life and
pouting about every little thing.
We can share the "sister love" the quest of adventure in the road ahead, the color
Of the sky and flower, bird and wave.
The technology that is available to us and your generous sharing is so appreciated.
I will raise a glass tonight along with those around our table and be thankful for
simple pleasures.

Leslie J. Moran

Happy that you made it home safely and are able to report all the goodies from this latest jaunt. I wonder if you'll look up and see a supermoon over Kansas tonight? I'm almost tempted to get a tripod to film the event, but not sure if I can organize myself in time. Look up, look waaaaay up!


it's a shame you didn't get a photo of my ground beef & dill pickle tacos or of my sangria!
missus is now my favorite cat. wyatt is the stepchild. he rolled in the dirt then jumped up on my pillow last night. bad kitty!

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