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Amy at love made my home

They are wonderful!!!! I love them!! Happy eating! xx


So pretty! and you did an excellent job on yhose mitered corners.

Judy H.


Dianne C.

Gorgeous fabrics! and very gratifying to do a project that finishes quickly...meals will be more delicious with these. Though I know from visiting here often that you also make yummy dishes & desserts too! ♥


They're all just amazing. I was thinking you were making a quilt! Even your sewing pins are pretty!


Oh, so great! I love your spirit and imagination and, as ever, your follow through.


I love love love your new napkins, Carol! I've been thinking that napkins made from beautiful fabrics might be a great gift for friends & you may have inspired me to do just that. I love using fabric napkins...we do for every meal.

Heidi Sue

fabulous-ness! i've said it before, but it bears repeating...if there is ANYTHING a person wants to know how to do, all that person needs to do is watch a youtube video. i have taught myself countless knitting techniques that way!

your mitered corners look "mighty" professional! and those fabrics are TDF.


Beautious napkins, perfectly mitered corners! What's not to love. I too, believe in using beautiful things every day. I don't have a set of "good" dishes or tableware. It's all good stuff & I use them all the time. I like making a beautiful table every day, even treat myself to a lovely tray with tea goodies and a bud vase with a single flower because it makes me feel good and indulged. Table linens have always fascinated me, especially vintage embroidered things from the 20's & 30's...One of my uncles had a saying I never forgot: Paper is for your bottom, cloth is for your face and mouth/lips. Don't confuse the two! Not even for a picnic away from home did he allow paper napkins. paper plates, yes, but not paper napkins. I abide by his rule to this day.

Many years ago I made cloth napkins because I couldn't find any cloth ones that with my dishes or decor. I tightly zig-zagged the edges and let the raw part fray into a fine fringe. I still have two sets of this napkins, one in blue & white window pane check is so thread bare I can see thru them! But they're so soft and comfy to use, wash beautifully and giving good service all these years later. With all the lovely fabrics available nowadays, it would be very worthwhile to make a couple of new sets. So with a fat quarters did you square up the 18 in. part & leave the cut off 4 inches, or less because of allowing for turning & the mitered corner? What will you do with the scraps? Little quilt making in the future? A pillow cover?


LOVE your napkins! The mitered corners are perfect. I use white dinnerware too, and those colorful napkins look so great with your plates. I have always used cloth napkins, and have collections of many different sets. I even enjoy the ones that have to be ironed, as most of mine do.

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