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jacki long

Stunning Carol!

Heidi Sue

just the right words:picture ratio. gorgeous!


are there lizard feet in your hydrangea picture? thanks for the photos..hope more are to come. love the new pic of you and the seagull at the top!

Vicki in Michigan

I could look at your pics all day. Bring 'em on.....

Chris Oliveira

Gorgeous shots! I am ready to pack my bags after every one of your trips.


WOW! absolutely gorgeous!


our second sister trip for the month of october begins on sunday. meet you at the airport!


I love your blog header with the gull and the misty ocean and rocks and all these photos, too. All very nice, Carol.


Sister! I arrive in Guatemala City at 6:42am. Make sure you and the driver don't leave me stranded there!

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