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How I love Sunflowers, the happiest flowers of all varieties out there. They make me smile too.

Doing that spider web icky off dance I've also done. There's a worse one: Black Widow webs! likes, they stick like glue, You try to peel them off your hand but they stick to the other hand. Grosses me out. I have to get a wet paper towel to wash the dang things off me. Nasty!


Wonderful...simply wonderful!

Judy H.

Went to the Grinter Farms sunflower fields today, inspired by your post. Wowza. Gorgeous. We definitely bit off more than we could chew walking down the road and up the hill to the fields beyond the trees (too humid today and we are pitifully out of shape!), but it was worth the huffing and puffing to reach the beauty that met our eyes! I only brought home 5 sunflowers, but they are a superb five. ;-)

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