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Love all those signs you photographed! How were the redwoods?/ I saw a story on the news that because of the drought that the giant redwoods were really suffering. You guys are having too much fun!!


Stunning! enjoying your vacation with your sister and you!


If I hadn't just had my own road trip, I would be terribly envious. Fortunately, I'm just a little green. I recall seeing those fruit etc stands along PCH and stopping for a flat of strawberries that we gobbled up. And my husband thought they would spoil....Ha!

cathy mcauliffe

Excellent choice of route! The redwoods between Mendo and Anderson Valley are the best! In Pacific Grove-Cozy's for breakfast, Natural History Museum, Pepper's Mexican and Asilomar and it's beach. You can actually walk south into the Pebble Beach golf course from Asilomar. Ask them for directions.

Amy at love made my home

I should have asked you to send my bridge our love! xx


OH Gowan's! How I miss that place...sigh. I used to get a whole case of apples every year and drive home to the Bay Area with them in my trunk. The scent of fresh apple lingered for a very long time...so wonderful.

I would be jealous, but I know from reading your blog from the beginning how you devour everything with all your senses, so I am just happy that some of my favorite places on earth were treated to being enjoyed by you :)

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