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Judy H.

Ha! Love this fabric and can't wait to see the finished product! :D


please wear it on the plane! i want to see you in it when i pick you up and cart you off for our jalapeno margaritas with the spicy rim. bring the badge i will affix it to my arse.


Ha! I had to LOL at sister's comment about where she'll pin her patch! How fetching!

The Tee is perfect for the shore adventures you'll embark on. Sister will be very envious, maybe even green!

Yes, our Home Ec teacher made us pint the pattern first to a piece of muslin, sew together and make to fit our particular body shape. I hated that part. I just wanted to jump in and sew it together on the machine! Very impatient and not a "rule
follower. There had to be an easier way. Every piece and to be pre-basted even in the mock up garment. UGH!

If you machine gather with two rows quite close together on the arc of the sleeve, pull tightly together, spread out as you pin to the sleeve opening and then sew the permanent stitch between those two gathered rows, the puckers slide right into the curve of the arm hole. It's amazing. This is a trick shown to me by a woman who sewed all her famiily's garments when I lived in AK as a newly married, soon to be mommy young woman of 23. The women who were long time residents of that new state were remarkable, strong women who I admired so much. Oh, pull out both rows of gathers to have a perfectly fit sleeve. Your basting stitches done by hand are too large to make smooth gathers. Do it by a longer stitch on your machine.

I can't wait to tag along with you girls on this latest madcap adventure of the Moss sibs.

Caroline Berk

Our home ec teacher also had us leave an extra half inch seam allowance. The garment was HUGE. My mother, who was an excellent seamstress, was fit to be tied!

Angie A.

Luv the tee shirt!! I too cannot wait to follow the sisters along on this adventure!

Linda Watson

It's these sorts of things that make me realize how old I am. Trace it onto the fabric? Bah. Plus, I don't like all of the sizes in one pattern. Way too easy to cut on the wrong line. In some things, I like the old ways. Bah humbug.

Your tee is going to be adorable. If I see a lady in octopus in my own beach wanderings, I'll try not to shriek with recognition. :)

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