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Leslie J. Moran

So happy that you have landed safely. What a wonderful journey exploring that magnificent coast. Just goes to show what a fabulous country you live in. Really enjoyed the journey and all your wonderful observations and photos.




What a fun trip you've had.... thanks for taking us along!


Love seeing all your photos and those eye popping purple flowers at the end! If you still haven't remembered or if you care, email me and I'll tell you how Dexter ended...


Beautiful photos Carol... oh my good goats, you have stirred up my heart with that magic witches cottage... I WANT!!!! I even want that jam jar of blue flowers!!! Thanks for sharing this amazeballsness...

I never got to the end of Dexter so can't help... Henry and June, fab... James Dean is great in East of Eden... depends if you want biblical or not LOL!

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