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jacki long

Never had paw paws, but heard of them in Indiana.
Married in 63, I still have the corning ware, but with the blue cornflower design, just for the record. ;o)
ps: the beets look divine!


Paw paws taste like a banana and mango combined, they are very rich and custard like and are great in place of bananas in banana bread(I spose technically then it's paw paw bread). You can mush up the pulp and freeze it too. I got married in '78 and while Idon't have the corning ware, I do have a set of avocado green Tupperware canisters hanging around here somewhere!


Got married in '80 and I have that very same dish! It's still a staple in my house.


I have that corning ware dish except with the blue design. How long do ou roast your beets for and at what temp?

Beth Leintz

True story- married in '85 and I've got the set- broke the lid a long time ago, but the dish is still cooking.

The last time I roasted beets I did it on a cookie sheet with other veggies- it is a messy clean-up.


Married in October of 1980-I have the smaller version sitting on my counter right now. It is my microwave cooker.


I married in the 60s and had more pyrex. However one day, newly married and off in the wilds of West Texas, I put the pyrex on the gas burner to make onion soup. Fortunately, I was not in the kitchen when it exploded and glass shards (shrapnel!) went everywhere. No more pyrex and my bits of corning ware went to the charity shops. I stuck to metal pans and LeCreuset from then on.

Corning ware is available in all the charity shops - Goodwill etal.


Thanks for the tip on roasting the beets. I didn't really like using foil. Going to dig out the large Cornflower dish from the depths of the cabinet, where it hasn't been used in awhile. Yes, my set was a wedding present, from the 60's as well.


I was married in 1960, which must have been the year of Corning Ware's debut.. My mother didn't have any of it, but I got a coffee pot, a set of casserole dishes with glass lids in several sizes. All had the blue cornflower design. I like the ease of clean up. It eventually went bye bye and I don't own a piece now.

I pulled the same stunt as Maureen with a Pyrex 13X9 casserole dish I wanted to melt a small amount of grease on my glass top range. I set it on two "burners" and left the room (thank God!) That thing exploded with the force of a bomb sending shrapnel into a zillion pieces that I was still finding months later. Yikes! I would have been seriously wounded had I been in the kitchen.

Pat P

Married in '78,got the dish! Never had a pawpaw, but have fond memories of watching The Jungle Book VHS tape with my niece over and over, and wondering what a pawpaw was.

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