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There is NOTHING like a crisp, sunny, Autumn day!


my husband and i took a trip to the NY Finger Lakes just to see the leaves (the colors were amazing) and now we're into peak season here in Ohio. Great year for fall...so many peach, apricot, and burgundy leaves this year. even the yellows are blazing bright.


What a pretty tree lined street with the leaves on the ground. Ina Gartens chicken--isn't that Jeffrey's favorite?

Karen Schumacher

If you like Ina's roasted chicken, try her lemon chicken recipe! Do it once according to her recipe, then I'll tell you exactly how I've tweaked it (involves capers & carrots & rice). WAY Yum!


All I wanna know is how you got those patches sewn on your jeans. They are near the seam so I was thinking, did she unpick that seam to get the sewing machine in there? Ha. Other than that, your blog is always refreshing. Thank you.

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