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HI TALL TALES FOLKS! Im back after a long absence due to health issues, but all resolved now. I've gone back in the archives to catch up on the CA trip, the farmers markets, the planned soup and pie making, the whole gamut of fall projects. How I love the hooked punkin and the Halloween Banner.

Do you think it's possible to do a hooked project without lessons in a workshop? I love pumpkins and all things Halloween except the gorey stuff. Bats, Birds, Cats, Orange & Black combos....it's all good.

Glad to be back and part of the TTFK groupies again.


Glad you are well Joan! You can learn anything on YouTube but if you ever have a chance to take a class from Mary Stanley do it. She is amazing.


LOVE this fabric!!! Thanks for showing the selvage so that maybe I can find it here or on the internet. I can't wait to see your finished banner.

Josh Wise

Awesome fabric choice!


Very cute fabric......makes me think of the bookstore which I made my way to when I stayed the night in Lawrence Sept 16th. I became aquainted with the cats, the black one was sneaking out the front door when I came walking up. He was herded back in and I had to play with him and his toys and then the other handsome fellow came out also. I enjoyed them and the bookstore. Mass. ave is a happing spot. Lawrence is a nice town and the hotel you recommended was also nice. I picked up some food to go at the nice brewery bar around the corner, can't recall the name though. Did a write up about Kansas on my blog. I probably wouldn't have had time but that fabric store looked inviting.


Fabulous fabric!!

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