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Well that certainly explains it! How could anyone want to buy something as adorable as that pea pod boy!!

Vicki in Michigan

Peapod perfect w/ piquant posies.

A must-have, totally. :-)

Amy at love made my home

You better make that soup and the pie in order to cure it!! xx


My kitchen is being renovated and for 4 weeks, all I've had is a microwave. I am DYING to make a stew, gravy, pie, anything! And I almost bought a stuffed fabric gourd witch. Tis the season!

jeanette, mistress of longears

You must be kidding! Pea pod boy? NO EXPLANATION required!!!! And that's a pretty sharp vase he's standing with. Please, have mercy one and my plan to get rid of stuff instead of acquiring more....please! And even more important: did you get the binding clips? If not, I can hardly wait to see what you bring home from your next trip to get the clips :-)

Leslie J. Moran

I want a pea pod boy!

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