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Barbara Casillas

Since I was child, I have not been able to go to a beach, mountain or desert without searching for small rocks or shells. Sifting through bits of tumbled glass? Definitely Christmas morning excitement. But you're right. Can't explain it. It's kind of like a treasure hunt, for those who see such things as treasures.

Amy at love made my home

It sounds fabulous! You found some great pieces too! xx


I agree with you.... although I've only collected on the East coast and it was nothing like what you showed pictures of. The word SCARSE comes to mind.


Your photos of the glass are so beautiful. I did not know there were areas of beaches made up almost entirely of sea glass. I can understand why you always wanted to go there.


Hunting sea glass hits high notes of treasure hunts we all loved as kids. Finding any kind of buried treasure was the ultimate fascination of childhood after reading or hearing stories of Pirates, loot, treasure maps that many carry with them into adulthood. Like Mel Fisher finding the Iatocha treasure of Florida. Against all odds , in spite of personal tragedy, the hunt goes on. All perfectly understandable even if it's of no monetary value such as sea glass, it's a gift from the sea, it has a past history, it's been places. Love it.

Chris Oliveira

I had never heard of that beach before. I would so love to go there, just to see it in person! It is like a fairyland!

Leslie J. Moran

Why is one not allowed to take the sea glass in certain areas? I've never seen anything like that amount. Dazzling!

jacki long

Another stellar post ♥♥♥


Must. Go. There. Someday.

jeanette, mistress of longears

I never dreamed such a place could exist!

Peggy Fry

I've been wanting to go since I read an article on CNN about it. OOOOOOhhhh! Christmas Morning excitement! I felt just the same way about the seashells I picked up on Sanibel Island this summer. Except I took a whole BUCKET back to OK with me, since it is not a finite resource. I am very contents playing with them all and marveling at their beauty! Deeply satisfying!

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