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I hope you use those great napkins you made a while back. Aside from that, your knitting projects are amazing... reminds me of every time I rearrange my art room so I can walk in there and I run across my knitting things. Oh my. They seem to call out, me next, me next. In any case Happy knitting to you.


I've got the knitting itch too. I've not been able to knit for months due to severe hand cramps that made knitting anything not very pleasurable. But I got on Revelry yesterday to find some nifty hat patterns for my 9 month old grandson & his half brother & sister. I hate to admit how much time I spent on Revelry. Yikes, it was hours. My recliner is right next to the fireplace...I think it's time to get logs on the fire and my knitting needles ready to go. We're having wind warnings, a major storm front will move in tonight and drop temps by 20 degrees. Definitely knitting weather.

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