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I have the same need for an 'old fashioned' calendar. With room for notes and important dates and little thoughts. Plus there is nothing more satisfying than turning the page to a new month sometimes!


kkMe too. I like real things I can hold in my hands--my planner calendar, real books with pages to turn, real paper an art supplies (not creating on the computer). Looks like fun!

Beth Leintz

And it looks like FUN! Cutting, pasting, arranging, it can keep me busy for hours.

Chris Oliveira

Me too! Looks like this one will be special.

Barbara Casillas

Ditto on holding calendars and books in your hands, and turning pages…it's very satisfying.


All fun pictures. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Judy H.

I also like the direction you are headed in. Love the cut/paste pages!

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