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I read a book earlier in the year, a hot best seller that I can't recall the Title. It was made into a movie starring Ben Affleck. The female star was unknown to me. This book had not one likable character, neither one of them had a single redeeming virtue, yet I had to finish the book just to see if either character turned into a decent human being. No. I wanted to throw the book against the wall.

I think I'll pass on your book.


I read it... And loved it. Not a holiday book, to be sure. Not a happy family story in a traditional sense, either. But I loved the writing, and how each family members-- um, quirks-- unfolded gradually. I loved how the mother's hoarding was portrayed with both realistic horror and genuine empathy for how it developed. So if I were looking for a feel-good story, I'd say avoid it. But for a well written, careful, truly empathetic look at a complicated family, and done with some humor, too, I'd say read it. I really did love it.


The book/movie I couldn't recall the name of was Gone Girl.

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