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Vicki in Michigan

"The beneficial effects of coffee talk, and future adventure planning, with a dear friend, before the rush of the holidays can not be over-stated."


Or any other time of year, I add. :-)


joan gets better looking everytime i get a look at her. LOVE her fabulous KNP kaffe needlepoint project! wowza!


Makes me miss coffee dates with my OK friends. Love those pumpkins and that sign on the front door! You do the nicest posts, Carol.


Check out the size of those leaves! My sycamore used to put out leaves of that size until the arborist "trimmed" it (read that as "ruined" it. Now the leaves can't cover a tiny tea cup.

I'm interested in knowing how to make the velvet pumpkins...is there a pattern available?

Too bad you aren't closer, the cones produced by my Canary Island Pine are enormous and beautifully shaped. Dripped white paint with glitter applied makes for a stunning display in a large basket or urn.

Leslie J. Moran

What Vicki in Michigan said. Ditto.


It's especially awesome to have a friend reply, "we can do that, we can figure it out" no matter what cockamamey idea gets concocted in between your ears.

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