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Pat P

All great pictures, but my favorite is the building with the cursive statement. Got to be a story there!


What a great bunch of photos. I felt like I was there.

Vicki in Michigan

Thanks to Chris for taking us all along to see the parade. I loved looking at all the horses and donkeys and pony, and dogs and kids and buildings. :-)

Thank you both for sharing them with us.

Linda Watson

From your photos, I have decided that Kansas has some sort of something in the water maybe, that produces the cutest children anywhere.

Judy H.

How fun! And they had great parade weather!


I read your blog almost every day. I rarely comment, but I wanted you to know you are always entertaining and I learn so much ... today about parades, bar cleaners friend, and how to remove stems from gourds, et al.... Yeehaw!

cathy mcauliffe

May I put your cursive photo on my Facebook page. With Credit to your blog of course! Let me know. Thanks.

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