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I'm with you on not watching Downton Abbey... I find it slow and a bit boring. My sister and mother both watch it so I'm the odd man out and I'm ok with that.


Another non-Downton watcher. I always say I watched the original....Upstairs, Downstairs!

jeanette, mistress of longears

You are so lucky you are not watching Downton Abbey...this means you will be free to binge watch it some day!

Winter Child

Downton Abbey is fabulous! I am from England originally but it took a friend months to persuade me and I binged... saving the very last one for a special moment, but wow... I was totally caught up in it, the characters became friends and the ending of a great series like this always leaves e feeling bereaved....

You gotta do this Carol! Bobby


You're in for a splendid treat when you watch this series! But discussing it must take place week by week... so much attention to detail, the drama upstairs and down, just the whole saga is one that draws you in and grabs you! Eye candy too. The clothes and scenery are spectacular. Maggie Smith as the Dowager is at the top of her game...reason alone to watch it: her one line zingers!

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