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Carol, you are such a good knitter! Such an inspiration for those of us who sort of K and sort of P and sometimes get those in alphabetical order! Thank you!

Amy at love made my home

Ah, you have caught bunting/garland/banneritis! It is a definite addiction that I suffer from too. Fun though isn't it. Love the mittens! xx


Aren't those cute! I don't know how you can keep all your patterns and projects straight!!

Chris Oliveira



After spending hours looking at Patterns on Ravelry, looking for hats, leg warmers for the grandkids, now I find this pattern on your blog! You know I can't resist this cutie...now that I'm able to knit again after months of rest for my hands. I've learned to take frequent breaks, exercise my hands, wiggle my fingers, etc. I don't ever want to be knitless again. Glad to be back in my pleasure mode.


those are too much !!! Love 'em.

Judy H.

Awesome garland!

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