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Chewy molasses cookies = good. Velour pantsuits= not good. You're not old yet!

Amy at love made my home

Fantastic! I didn't take your cutters, but you have reminded me that I need to dig mine out! xx


I read that last paragraph to my husband saying 'this is a perfect 'husband' line". He gave me that look that says ...oh that's so true but "I'm" not going to say it.

btw, I periodically look at my Amazon wish list and think about that spatter guard and then decide I'd rather spend my $50 or so bucks on something more fun like Trader Joes's 1lb bar of Belgian chocolate. That would be 10lbs worth!!! one bar at a time.


Your cookies look so good! That little fox cookie cutter is beyond cute!


Please tell me you made some fox cookies.

Quail nancy

That single ginger man with eyes run together and the mouth malfunction..... I want that one! Bag him up face down ( if your that afraid I'll judge) and bring him to the ladybird at 11:30 am sharp tomorrow. And if you don't show up in a velour pantsuit it means you still have time..... To stay young!

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