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This is adorable. I can't knit but now I must learn. The fox and the snowman just want to be a part of the cute. Thank you for the inspiration!

Amy at love made my home

I adore any garland, banner or bunting, and yours is a spectacular example! I love the little fox and snowman additions, and the combination of mittens! Beautiful!! Happy Christmas! xx

Heidi Sue

that garland is beyond adorable! love, love, love.


This is one of THE most adorable things I've seen in years!!! Makes me want to learn to knit so I can make some mini mittens...although they don't look like a beginner project. The snowman & fox look right at home there, too!

Chris Oliveira

Just adorable!!

jacki long

One word, "charming!"


Those tiny mittens are sooooo cute! The whole garland is just adorable.

Caroline Berk

That is CUTE! i like the pink and orange mitten and the wiley fox. I will have to come back to this several times just for another bit of joy.


Oh! Way cute with the addition of the Wiley Fox and Frosty, all suited for the season. The mitts are adorable.


New here. Love the brevity and wit... the mittens are darling!


It is the cutest thing ever, Carol! I swear, you may get me to knit someday.

Barbara Casillas

Cute, cute, cute. The snowman and fox fit right in with their little knitted clothes. You really are talented with your knitting and cooking. And your blog.


Oh! I love it, critters and all! Merry Christmas to you, Carol!

Judy H.

This is awesome. Awesome. :)

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