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Lovely gardens - here In Baltimore, we're looking at 29 inches of snow right now, speaking of legal limits. Let the shoveling begin!


Those gardens do look wonderful. I would love anyplace I could break into singing show tunes!! What is that tiny bird?

Vicki in Michigan

What a gorgeous place to visit! Thanks for taking us along.

What weird stuff that hummer is posed on!


Camelot. !!
My mother used to play the record, yup, that's record. I thought they were saying Pamelot.


Camelot! That was my favorite movie for years...Richard Harris as King Arthur...be still my heart!

We dodged the snow bullet here in NE Ohio, but my friend in Harper's Ferry, W VA called today to tell me she has 40" of snow!!! I'd much rather be in Palm Springs...or anywhere in Southern CA.

Barbara Tarbox

That is a female hummingbird. Truly amazing that such a tiny creature holds within
that body, the energy and stamina of other creatures ten times its size.
Gardens have abundant beauty no matter what season.
Enjoyed your retreat vicariously, thank you Carol, Mary Ann and Pam.
Celebrate art in all its glory in 2016

Erika N

Great photos today. I love the little hummingbird especially.

Peggy Fry

In Camelot!

jeanette, mistress of longears

You could have been on Mars! What a unique, other-worldly garden!

Leslie J. Moran

I love every photo in this post but my very favourite is the first one! Very clever. Enjoying being in the desert all warm and toasty. It's grey and chilly here, so this is a welcome retreat. Carry on folks!

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