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What is the advantage of using my diretives com as opposed to a having a paper version??

Beth Leintz

That is also my favorite baby goat photo of 2015!


Janet: good question. Here are why it works better for me. I dont have to carry it with me at all times. I dont have to go and retrieve outdated copies if I change my mind about something. I get reminders to update it. I can send it to my healthcare providers and spokespeople with the click of a button. I also like with this site how it prompts you to consider things about your end of like care that you might not otherwise think about. Its all about what is convenient for you. I have no affiliation with them by the way. Just appreciate their product/service.


I had a goat when I was a child, her name was Mootsie. She followed me around like a dog, went everywhere with me. Adored her. There is nothing cuter than baby goats unless it's baby lambs.

jeanette, mistress of longears

I swear I have not had one of those beautiful cosmos as I do not deserve one (have not done any beginning of the year chores- for shame!) but if I told you this story before, just chalk it up to advancing years (yes, my directive is in order and up to date, but I think I'll check out the online version, too).
When I was in the Overland Park Deanna Rose Farm, I saw a woman walking toward me with her puppy on a leash. Just as I was telling her, "Oh, what a cute puppy you..."I realized it was not a puppy at all. It was a baby goat. She told me so, and added, "You're not much on a farm, are you?" Even if I haven't done any chores, maybe a cosmo would be a good idea....

Leslie J.  Moran

Really appreciate this info Carol. Not sure if it will translate to Canada but I do like the idea. Also, I'm on the job with the cleaning. Started with the liquor stash in the basement. Did an inventory and noticed that most of it was inspired by your most excellent cocktail recipes. Keep em coming girlfriend. I'm ready!!!

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