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Susan M

Carol, you are too funny! (But it sounds like something I would say to my husband.....lol). Sounds like you had an awesome time. Our group has "Knit Camp" twice a year at a beautiful camp in the area.....next one is March....counting down the days to a weekend of knitting, gabbing, and maybe a little wine and bourbon slushies...in front of a big fireplace....

Vicki in Michigan

"...he should not expect that I will really be listening to him."


Thinking of one of your previous posts -- "bring a clown" -- and adding "and a stand-up comedian." Or should I say a "sitting down and knitting" comedian?


So glad you have invited us to sit in your audience. :-)


Askew rectangle with dropped stitches? How about this: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTclapotis.html

jeanette, mistress of longears

A virtual knitting retreat! I love it! But maybe you should warn Chris to omit any incriminating behaviors in case you are watching out of your peripheral vision....


Thank you Faith! Have you made it and did you like the way it turned out? It looks perfect to me.


I was going to mention the Clapotis pattern too. I've made it and found it a little fiddly at the beginning, but after you get the pattern established, it's fine. There are also some ways to make it easier so let me know if you're going to make it.


you really kill me!!!


Here are a couple more options, more lacy:
Can you tell I like this designer?


Carol, I have made Clapotis twice, and I love it. It's easily adjustable, if you want to make a skinnier scarf, or a wider shawl. Here is the first one I made in 2005: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/wrtrmaus/clapotis I still wear it.

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