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Wow, that looked like fun! My only quibble with a poncho is that it seems quite drafty. Maybe on a not too chilly day it would be perfect. Hope you make it by the 18th.


You take the best pictures! I don't know anyone who makes me look as flattering as you do! Thanks!


I completely understand your feelings about yarn, knitting, possibilities, ideas, just the love of all things related to knitting. I'm so blessed that the hand cramps that left me unable to knit for 6 mo. have departed so I'm now knitting up a storm of baby hats and afghans for our local hospital. Joyful !!!

Leslie J. Moran

That poncho!!!! Is it really, really difficult? Please keep me up to date on this one. I LOVE it and need all the tiny details....please...(whining)

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