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Chris Oliveira

The way you highlight the beauty and joy of the everyday is what I so love about your blog. Thanks for sharing!


It sounds like a perfect ordinary day. I love days like that. Hope you will come and visit my blog--I finally posted something new after all these months. You are my inspiration!


Lovely post. That yarn makes me want to dive in and rub my face on it. And the paper you're making a list on? Purely scrumptious! I want it!


Sounds like contentment to me!


Ordinary days are the best. I've always been a homebody and the older I get, the more I appreciate a good day around the house. Great yarn color.


I love ordinary... and savoring tea (or coffee). I clean my sink with blue dawn, hydrogen peroxide and then baking soda. Makes it shine! (pinterest). I think of you when I go to the farmers market.

Erika N

I'm with you. Adventures are fantastic but not every day is meant for one of those big adventures. Some days the same daily routine is the best adventure of them all.


i need new sinks! these white ones are for the birds.


Do you have Janalea's other CD Music for Massage? I went to her website and listened to both (Massage and Acupunture...I can't decide which one I like better.

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