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Sharon Walworth

You usually share the recipe....and this one looks tempting! Some BB recipes are soggy but this looks perfect.

Chris Oliveira

I am allergic to bananas. I bet you don't know anyone else who says that, either. 😞


Oh no...NO bananas for me! I can't even stand the odor of them...makes me nauseous. That means no banana bread baking for me...ever! I tried to do it once...it wasn't pretty.


Sharon: I added the recipe above along with my "adjustments". Chris and Debbie I am so sorry that you can not eat banana bread. I will eat a piece for each of you :-)


Lol... I like bananas when they still have a slight green tinge...but are peelable... I cannot stand the smell or eating them any other way that like that...! Everyone puts bananas in muffins here, but ugh... banana anything is a no go lol!!! Now if they were apples in that there loaf!!!

jeanette sclar

Please promise me you will try this when you need to use up buttermilk and bananas. Or when you just happen to have both.
Slice the banana and freeze it in one layer in a plastic bag. Whiz 1 cup buttermilk and the frozen banana in a blender. Ok, I admit, I add one packet of Splenda. So good, it's hard to believe this can be healthy.

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