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Janet Ghio

I wonder if our farmers market opened this weekend. I will have to check--I guess I wasn't thinking of farmers markets with it being so darn cold!!

Sharon Walworth

jealousy is not a pleasant emotion to be experiencing on Sunday morning. But there it is. Rhode Island is a religion-and-mill state, and neither of those is big on farmers markets. sigh.

Vicki in Michigan

Hooray for farmers' markets!

Yesterday I got apples. My goal for this year is to buy more bouquets. It's early for that yet, here in Michigan, but that is my plan.

Barbara Tarbox

Carol, one, if not thee, best of your postings. Alive with great pics, writing with energy
And promise, well done. HELLO SPRING! 🌷☀️

Chris Oliveira

Yay! I love farmer's markets too, although ours here in Franklin, MA is nothing compared to yours. I enjoy living vicariously! As for your kale, I should give you my recipe for Portuguese kale soup. It is heavenly.


Everyone seems chilly but happy and that little one is so stylish!


Keep the farmers market pics coming! I moved from Minnesota to California last year. And while, I love, love the farmers markets here in Silicon Valley, your pics bring me back to the midwest for an occasional visit.

i Love all the nuances you capture! From the people to the flowers.

...hey that's a good name for a post title! lol


Boy! It looks very nippy there. I would have hung out at the coffee bar all day I think.

We've been up in the 80's, then had storm fronts move in, dumped 2 inches of rain,(half our annual amt) all around us with flash flooding and swift water rescues. Yikes! We got only the steady rain with no flooding, Thank God.

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