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I loved every word of this post, thanks!

jacki long

Lovely post Carol! ♥♥♥


Thank you for all you do for others.


my daughter is a pediatric nurse and tells me these stories too to which my response is always thank you for doing what you do...thank you too carol. what would we do without people like you two.

Chris Oliveira

Thank god there are people who feel the way you do, and do these jobs. Thank you Carol.

Vicki in Michigan

You are so right about "movie" -- I think this could make a great movie, for real........

Thank you and all of your colleagues, near and far, for working to help people in big ways and small, day in and day out.


carol, "you're the man!"
Love all the Carol's out there who make a difference.

Caroline Berk

How wonderful to be able to help someone live until they die!

Amy at love made my home

That is amazing! You do wonderful things!!

Judy H.

Oh my goodness. Thanks for sharing this story. Wonderful.


That's the reason why I want to be in palliative care one day. When I'm brave enough!


You always express yourself in a way that engages me to tap into my true feelings. When I need palliative care, I hope for a Crol Mulvenon clone. ❌⭕️❤️⭕️❌

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