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This looks lovely!!! I've been a fan of beet greens for quite some time... when we put in a large garden the greens would be one of the first things I'd get to cook from the garden. I just ordered this book from Amazon for a penny... lots of great recipes listed! TFS


Hi Carol , I must share Holiday Beets with you. Shame on me for not doing this sooner. half pound of bacon(almost crispy).Remove bacon , add in beets(the more the better)You can use canned or fresh. Cook. Remove beets and most of the bacon fat. Then add the beets and the bacon back into the pan . Lastly stir in about a cup of sour cream. Easy delicious and all done. Oh one more thing you can some of the Durkee canned onion to the top if desired. Oh man this is so stinkin good! Good cold also.


"I followed this recipe exactly, except..." lol, girl after my own heart.


I love Molly Katzen and I think The Enchanted Broccoli Forest is just the most amazing name ever for a cookbook. I often use beetroot leaves in salads, I read a coupe years ago that beetroot was originally grown for the leaves rather than the roots!

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