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jacki long

Poppy love is catching! ♥

Erika N

Me too. I am all about poppies, but they never seem to do well here in NH. So I loved seeing your photos. :)


I really like flowers that have interest in many different stages of the growth process... they keep giving...


got 'em growing in the side yard so i can see them as i come home from work each day. love 'em!

Vicki in Michigan

So much going on, with poppies!


Third photo down with the light shining through those pink petals!! Love.


Love Love Love...Poppies. Any color, any variety. I have a vase of dried pods in my kitchen window sill at all times.

That pink and purple one (third photo down) needs to be painted in velvety gouache, don't you think?


Haha I was going to ask permission to paint those for OMGouache class :)

Is that okay?

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