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Sharon Walworth

I like Martha Stewart's corn chowder recipe because after cutting the corn from the cobs she boils them to produce the broth: that makes for an extra sweet extra layer of flavor. You might try doing that and freezing the liquid? That page layout looks familiar: I bet it is Moosewood?????

Denise Henderson (in WNC)

Your cake painting is so delicious looking...is it in that interesting cookbook too? Can you tell us what the cookbook is? I like corn chowder and I like the illustration. (I like painting with gouache, thanks to your sis.)


Sharon: I do like to boil the cobs for the broth when I am making this fresh. It's great. And yes, that is a Molly Katzen cookbook.

Denise: that cake is in no cookbook that I know of. It just came out of my mind to paint :-)


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