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I love dried poppy seedheads! Fascinating floral architecture...Your second photo really shows it.


I LOVE poppies because they give interest to the garden all throughout their growing process. Your photos are FABULOUS!

Janet Ghio

They are beautiful!

jeanette sclar

Poppy pods are amazing designs! If you watch the ones you left out...check on them, say in December, January etc, you may find some whose skin has disintegrated, leaving only the veins like a little cage in the shape of the pod. I try to remember to put some pods in the birdcages I have outside so the disintegrated pods don't get lost. Emphasis on "remember".


Beautiful! I don't think I've ever actually seen these in real life, but I was amazed that they have different numbers of "arms" -- lots of 12s, but also 11s and even a 9. After you read your book you'll be able to give me the scientific name for the "arms" I'm sure.

Vicki in Michigan

What Emie said -- interesting and beautiful from the beginning to the end.....


Gosh , the tops really look like anise. I never noticed that before. I love poppies , they're so happy and bright.


Wonderful...worthy of nine (maybe more) photos!

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