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jacki long

Welcome home.
I enjoy wherever yo go.
Thanks Carol!

Janet Ghio

My mother in law use to make elderberry jams and jellies--delicious. You probably know this but i recently rea this--chia seeds must be ground up--if not you get no nutritional value fro them as the shell of outer coating is so hard and strong that they pass through your system before they can ever be broken own to be absorbed.

Janet Ghio

sorry for the misspellings in the last post--I think I have become to spoiled by autocorrect!!

Linda Watson

I swear I could smell the tuberoses as I read your post. And - that young woman's hair! Oh,my.Rapunzel.

Vicki in Michigan

White flowers are often pollinated by moths or bats -- night creatures.....

I took an online class called "What a Plant Knows" a few years ago -- I learned many fascinating things. Plants are much more aware of their environment than I ever imagined, and they have many ways of reacting to what is going on around them.

Plants need to be sensitive to light, since they make their livings depending on access to light. They are capable of knowing "it was light, and now it's not light anymore."

I have a hoya plant as a houseplant. It sends out scent at night (and can be overpowering if one sits too near it in the evening!).

Caroline Berk

Carol, If you ever get tired of cooking for you and Chris and want to come cook for me and Dean, you don't even have to call or write - just show up and you will be greeted with open arms. Just sayin'

Caroline Berk

One of the things that is happening in our back yard where we are building a monster garage is that there is a tower there and I am going to find a way to paint a window and Rapunzel letting down her hair. Thanks for the model!


I wanted to encourage you to try the elderberries also. There used to be a patch growing behind an old garage next to our house in PA while I was growing up... They make excellent jelly (like grape jelly, only not) ;) and pies as well!! Btw, your sister sent me over here (via her blog) to see more Sweden pics

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